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The following are the five finalists for the Hoedown DVD Contest, which will end with the winner receiving a free copy of the Seasons 1 & 2 DVD set of the original British version of Whose Line is it Anyway? Please show your support for the show and its online community by voting for your favorite entry. Whoever has the most votes by February 29, 2008 will win!
Entry #1: Kerri
I love Ryan that really is the truth
He's really funny and he's got rocken shoes
He really hate hoedown and that fine with me
Because he's best friends with Colin Mochrie!
Entry #2: Tyler
Oh Colin Mochrie, he really is so sweet
In this game of hoedown he never can be beat
He thinks of something clever and fills my life with laughs
I watched him on Whose Line while rollerblading and fell on my bum!
Entry #3: Jeremy
Tell me to watch Whose Line, and I'll tell you "gladly"
Because of that great man, I call him Wayne Brady
He's got a singing voice no one else can do
If you don't think so, then you don't have a clue
Entry #4: Dean
Oh Ryan's nose is really really big
That thing is so massive, it should wear a wig
A proper way to describe it would be hard to pick
Heck, I'd say it's even bigger than his dick!
Entry #5: Kristin
Colin Mochrie's wardrobe is so really bright
He's got funny shirts but at least he doesn't wear tights
ABC must have made him wear that crazy stuff
It's so embarrassing, like his baldness wasn't enough!
  Voting is now closed. The winner has been chosen. Please check out the Latest News section on the home page to see the results.
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